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Trips, explorations and many friends accompany Bita and Cora in their extraordinary adventures.
Bita and Cora are two adventurous friends who travel in a spaceship across the whole universe, exploring new planets, satellites and asteroids. Until they arrive to a new planet: Pruna. In Pruna they will meet the Elms, a strange, curious and funny beings, with whom they will live extraordinary
She is the main character in our story.She’s 12 years old. Bita is a girl of character, strong and determined, but also an optimistic, energetic and intrepid girl, with a great sense of humor and a tireless spirit of adventure, which makes her act recklessly from time to time. Their visit to Planet Pruna and their experience of life with the Elms will help her behavior to evolve.
She is Bita’s inseparable companion. She comes from Planet Morph and, as all the other inhabitants of this planet, she has the amazing ability to adopt any form he wants, as her gummy body can stretch and contract as she pleases. Cora cannot speak Bita’s language, and yet they understand each other so well that all they need to communicate is one look. Cora is a good-natured, somewhat naive girl, but she is always ready to help and follow Bita in her adventures.
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A production in stop motion full of details.

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